Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Have You Heard of the CityZenn Zenn Car? You Will

The Electric Car
What do you think of when you think "electric car?" Does a supped up golf cart come to mind? Do you think of an odd shaped, three wheeled vehicle covered in solar panels?
When most people think of a totally electric car, they usually picture some sort of science experiment. They may think of a contest between two competing teams of scientists or college students who are trying to make a vehicle that will run totally on "sun energy." Most people don't think, "I'm going to go out and get me one of those." People don't want to drive around in a golf cart or a car from "The Jetsons." Not only is it not practical, but many of these "experimental cars" are outrageously expensive.
The New Electric Car
Well, now there is a "car of the future," and its not a far off science experiment. It is here now and it will be available to purchase for "ordinary people" in early 2010. This revolutionary new vehicle is an electric car that is "normal." It looks just like your combustion engine car. It travels as "far" and as "fast" as your combustion engine car. It can be refueled as fast as your combustion engine car. And what is even better, it costs about the same as your combustion engine car.
What is this new miracle of science? It is the cityZenn Zenn car, by Zenn Motor Company. Thanks to new battery technology, the cityZenn will be able to travel up to 250 miles between charges. It will top out at 80 mph and it will be rechargeable in under ten minutes with a special charger. What is more, it will sell for between $25,000 and $30,000.
This breakthrough in electric car technology has occurred from a company called Eestor Inc.. Previous to Eestor, batteries have either been bulky with a low energy density or prohibitively expensive. If an electric car owner wanted to drive twenty or thirty miles, he had to load his trunk with hundreds of pounds of lead-acid batteries. Eestor's new "batteries" are affordable and hold massive quantities of energy. Up until this point, electric cars have only had a range of twenty or thirty miles. Thanks to the energy storage capacity of Eestor, that range has been increased to over 250 miles.
An Exciting Future
This is exciting new technology and the next year and a half are going to be very interesting. The cityZenn will first be released in Europe and shortly thereafter, the United States. If you are interested in the Zenn car, Zenn currently makes a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) that is available for about $13,000.


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