Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy: Drawing Cars Like the Pros

Cars are complex to draw and there are some common challenges people face when drawing cars. How to Draw Cars Fast and Easy is a step by step detailed information eBook for people who wants to learn how to draw cars. It is written by Tim Rugendyke who is a professional automotive designer.

This eBook guides the aspiring designers step by step with the detailed car drawing instructions. People who ever wanted to create perfect looking cars can now use the same insider tips and techniques of the pros. This eBook is great for people who wants to learn how to draw without attending college and without going through all the trial and error which takes years.
More About the Author

The author of this eBook, Tim Rugendyke, worked as an automotive designer for companies such as Ford and General Motors. He is now lecturing at an automotive design school in Australia. He is a tutor, lecturer and a hands on designer, who travels the world for his automotive design work. He has spent most of his life studying car design and car drawings.

During his career in the industry both as a designer and a teacher, he discovered the insider secrets that are 100% guaranteed to get you drawing amazing cars fast and easy, even if you have never drawing a thing in your life before. He has put all his work in one comprehensive step by step guide called How To Draw Cars Fast and Easy: The Insider Secrets To Drawing Cars Like The Pros.

With his knowledge and extensive experience as an automotive designer, he reveals the shortcuts to the secrets of drawing like the pros. You will benefit extensively by cutting your time and effort to draw amazing looking cars every time. This e-book has the power to turn you into a professional in a short time.

More About the Content

It is a 134 page tutorial with over 144 high-quality illustrations and photos in downloadable eBook format, revealing all the tips and techniques previously known by only a small handful of professional designers. This is the most comprehensive and complete step by step guide to drawing cars fast and easy. It covers the following topics:

    Getting Started
    Tools and Equipment
    Copying and Tracing
    Side Views
    Perspective Tutorials
    Adding Color

Benefits of Learning From This eBook

It is the most comprehensive and detailed eBook ever created on this topic. This tutorial is designed and written for ordinary people who wants to learn how to draw perfect looking cars without attending to courses or college by a professional automotive designer and lecturer doing precisely what he teaches you. The best part is that you can get it for a small investment.

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