Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Automobile Safety - Latest Technology in Use to Ensure You Are Safe

Automobile safety is a growing concern in the automobile industry. Millions of dollars are spent every year for research on automobile safety. It is also a means of creating competition among vendors because top companies want to give the best safety features as people will tend to buy safer vehicles.
A common person who purchases a car always checks up on its mileage and looks. Safety is the factor that the person neglects. Always the prime importance is to be given for safety because it's your family in there and when you are driving you have a responsibility towards them.
Automobile safety is given importance by all the leading automobile manufacturers over the globe. Technologies such as ABS, Air bags, G-Con Frames etc have been standardized by leading manufactures in all segments of their vehicles. There are latest innovations in automobile safety such as distance tack barking system, track guidance and even auto pilot.
ABS means anti lock braking system. It helps in applying breaks without locking all the wheels of the automobile there by the driver has the complete maneuverability even while braking. Air bags help in protecting the people in an automobile from impacts caused by a crash. G-Con Frames is a new technology used by European manufacturers. It helps during the breaking of the chasse, which prevents the engine to ram in the car at the time of crash; rather it breaks the engine foundation off the vehicle chasse.
Automatic breaking system senses the distance between the vehicle at the front and applies break automatically maintain a fixed distance between the two. There is track guidance system which helps the vehicle to be in track without using the steering wheel. There is also the facility of auto pilot that has been enabled in cars which only needs the destination and it will program itself based on the GPRS and reach you to the destination.
You need to remember that even if the best automobile safety measures are incorporated, it is you the responsibility rests upon because technology can fail. Though it will not, you need to take precaution from your side too by avoiding rash and even drunken driving.


  1. I agree it is a fact that recent advancements in technology not only brought convenience but also safety to our lives. the best example is of car safety system and air bags, which came into existence just because of advance technology.

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