Monday, April 9, 2012

Intelligent Car Keys - The Best Gadget for the Safety of Your Car

Among the various advancements in the automobile sector, the intelligent car keys have come up as an effective tool for the safety of your car. Apart from safeguarding your vehicle, these keys are also helpful in advancing your driving experience by adding more comfort and style.

Today we are living in the progressive time of science and technology, where everything is an outcome of the regular advancements in technology. These technological advancements are not confined to any particular sector rather they have paved their way towards every segment of life. In the vast automobile sector also, this has led to the invention of many new advanced systems like computer diagnostic system, GPS system, automotive sensors, satellite radio and many other innovations. Among these the intelligent car keys have arrived as an effective tool for offering excellent safety to your car and with other advanced features, which are meant to improvise your driving experience with style and comfort.
Also recognized with several names like Smart Keys, Keyless Car Remotes, Replacement Keys and more, these intelligent car keys have been developed using the latest technological innovations. The functioning process of these keys is based on the communication between a small microchip and the radio transmitter fixed behind the steering wheel of the car. When you press a button on the remote, the microchip inside emits a lower radio wave signal to the transmitter, so as to establish connectivity between them. The sent frequency of these radio waves varies from country to country and the type of car you drive. Finally, when the code sent through the radio waves is detected and recognized by the transmitter, it follows the requested instruction given by the remote and the best part is the code is very unique and impossible to copy. Therefore, using the remote of another car would be unsuccessful in performing any function hence it proves to be an amazing tool that even helps in reducing the number of car thefts.

Talking about its features, these remotes perform a plethora functions from a distance of about 5 m to 20 meters. Some of them include switching on/off the ignition, opening the fuel pump cap, unlocking and locking of the doors and closing/opening of any specific window, door, roof or trunk of your car with just a click of a button. But most importantly, these intelligent car keys are equipped with an alarm system that helps in safeguarding your vehicle from any sort of theft or damage. In every car various sensors are connected with this alarm system. When anybody touches your car or tries to get into it, then these sensors send a signal to the smart key and starts producing a beeping sound to alert you about this attempt. This alerts you and helps in preventing any theft or damage to your car.

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